Tuesday, 7 December 2010

mail order monkeys

this whole sewing-and-selling craze started last winter when i was snowed in, and very very bored. i was browsing online for something to do and i came across sock monkeys and my first one was born that very day. my monkeys are the most popular items in my shop, and i've recently got round to making them again. this year my sister requested one for a friend as a christmas present, so i packaged her up and sent her to where my sister works. the next day i was bombarded with texts from her, it turns out dotty had been sitting on her desk and attracting the attention of passers by who wanted a monkey for themselves to give away this christmas. and so i have been a busy bee! i've sent three up so far and thought i'd give you a little glance - please meet dotty, alfie and oliver.

and i have four more to do, two of which are a rather unusual request - i'm looking forward to meeting them! i'll let you know how they turn out. 

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